October 10, 2011


This very, very hungover Thanksgiving we decided to take advantage of the crazy warm weather and have a picnic up on the mountain.  (We went to a potluck last night, so didn't feel like we needed turkey two nights in a row)  I'm so thankful for these amazing people I get to live with and move around the world with.  They totally rock my socks.

Note: Realizing that zero pictures of Seb and I exist, Satomi tried to take one.  We failed miserably.  The only times we didn't look ridiculous were with both our heads down.


  1. Common'! I want to see a REAL picture of you two crazy kids.

  2. me too! you look like you're doing something you aren't supposed to in that shot!:) happy t-day!

  3. I tried to get a picture, I really did! We look ridic though!