November 14, 2011

"you're missing parts, aren't you?"

So I knit that beautiful sweater from Purl that Jenny posted, and I'm a little unsure.  I LOVE the idea, and the yarn is beautiful, but the fit is a little looser than I imagined somehow.

In any case, it was so quick and easy to knit!  I literally knit it in under two weeks.  Make one yourself!  Maybe use a smaller gauge than suggested though....I knit at gauge and made an extra small, and I would really not want it any bigger.  (actually, maybe it's just because I'm a total neck-line prude...)


  1. what if you wore it backwards? i had high hopes for that purl pattern, too.

  2. I think it looks lovely! Maybe I should give it a try.

  3. All the new stuff you've made is gorgeous! You are so awesome. I'll never get over how productive you are.

  4. I've tried it on backwards - a little awkard, as the fabric is doubled up over the back. It just makes it a little football player-y (something I'm sensitive about to begin with)

    Elaina - definitely give it a go - so fast!

    Jenny, it's only because I'm so unproductive in every other aspect of my life