December 18, 2011

Christmas gifts....that I'm keeping

I feel like I can't be the only person that ends up keeping gifts, can I?

I decided to knit ear warmers for my family, because I've never met people more attached to wearing ear-only head covering than my mom and sister, aaaaand then really liked one of them.  It's perfect for the weather right now, in times when carrying around a hat once I get indoors is impractical (ie, coat check last night).  This little band fits in my tiny purse, keeps my ears warm, and makes me feel like a fancy traveller from the '20's. 

Satomi has already left for home, so I was forced to try and take photos myself.  Yeash, that is a hassel. In any case, it's a bit of a miracle that I'm at least mostly in the photo and it's reasonnably in focus. 


  1. looks great , did you follow a pattern ?
    and i love your blog ^^

  2. Thanks! I started with this pattern, but ended up changing it a bit. I made mine thinner (I didn't have very much of that yarn), and also substitited the ribbing for a different stitch pattern that lays a bit flatter. So fast!

  3. i really like that pattern! and no, you're not the only one who keeps gifts you initially made/bought to give away. i do it all the time (and i'm always so embarrassed!)...glad to know i'm not alone! :)