December 19, 2011

lace knitting

This was my very first time knitting lace, and it was really freaking easy.  The charts are a little weird to get used to (I kept thinking the number of stitches in the row weren't going to work out with the imbalanced increases and decreases), but after that it was a breeze.  I'm not sure if it's because of the mohair/silk blend or the lace, but the scarf weighs next to nothing and is SO WARM.

Sorry for the utter crap photos, but without Satomi I am at a loss.  I'm also catching a flight home in a couple hours!  It might be pretty quiet around here, as I'm heading off to Hawaii right away (yay warm weather!).  So happy holidays everyone!  Turn up the Bing for me!


  1. Girl, you crazy. That's gorgeous. Happy Hawaiian holidays!!

  2. Mele Kalikimaka! The last minute mittens that you made were for a Hawaiian family!


  3. wow...that looks amazingly warm AND pretty...the perfect combo!? :) have a merry xmas...!