January 12, 2012

desktop inspiration

Ben Javens

a closet visit, and I still haven't made one of these
Stefan Ruiz

a tumblr abyss.  any ideas?
So I have this system, where I download the images of pictures I like, artists I want to remember, things that are funny to me, things that are pretty.  I save them to my desktop, with as descriptive a label as possible.  When the desktop becomes cluttered and I've seen them for a while, I move them to a mammoth folder called 'downloads whatever-year.'  I like to see years past, see how my taste changes.

When I went to backup my computer at Christmas (I do it every January), I saw this little folder that was images on my desktop background last winter.  And I still think they are wonderful!


  1. i actually have that stefan ruiz print! i loved it so much i had to get it from 20x200. i also love the dog-vs-snowdog...amazing! :)

  2. i love that print! It looks like nothing but magic could happen there