February 17, 2012

happy belated valentines!

 Valentine's day was extra exciting this year because it was my first day off restricted diet!  Seb was at school until late, so Satomi, James, and I celebrated by drinking wine (yay! I got tipsy SO FAST), eating strawberries and chocolate cake (this is an AMAZING cake.  As Satomi put it, it's basically huevos rancheros with chocolate.  It tastes amazing, and you would never know it was practically good for you with beans, eggs, and no flour, dairy, or refined sugar).  We also make friendship bracelets and dream catchers. 

I think I sort of toned down the themed outfit this year (you had to look close to see that the giant bow was covered in kissing couples!).  Maybe I'm just saving up for this weekend when Seb and I celebrate our own valentine's day.

In any case, I got super sick that evening and I've been in bed pretty much since with a crazy fever.  But I'm back to work/crafting now!

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