March 13, 2012

oven mitts

Our oven mitts horrify me.  I don't know what the stains are from, there are circular burn marks from when my roommate left the element on, and they just don't seem very insulating.  So I finally got around to making new ones, using some vintage scraps and the left over bias tape and batting from my quilt (which probably isn't actually thick enough, but can't be worse than what we have now).  I think I'll make a matching pot holder, too.

I really love that our home is slowly being replaced by handmade versions of wares.  I get so much satisfaction from that.


  1. i love that flowered fabric.

    have you considered using thick wool felt for the lining? i have felted wool mitts and they are far superior in insulating from the heat than regular mitts, and the wool doesnt catch fire. it's about as thick as an army blanket.

  2. thanks a lot so nice

  3. That's a really great lining suggestion. Right, and wool is fire repellant! I love wool, there is nothing that fibre isn't good at.