March 13, 2012

wiksten tank, modified

 Ug, once again I am FAILING at taking photos.  But it seems better than just never sharing.  This dress has a lot more volume than I think the photos show.

 So I've been grading and drafting patterns pretty much non stop all winter (for my work, like, real work) and I'm finally feeling like I can really adjust and create patterns to fit what I want.  It's a great feeling, and I feel like I'm getting so so much better.  My skills are leaping forward, thanks to some very generous and patient gals.  In any case, here's me freezing my butt off but ready for spring!


  1. That dress is great, I really like the back.

  2. Woah, love this dress! The cut is perfect. As usual, I'm so impressed by all the things you make!