April 07, 2012


Well, I finally got around to making my cape!  I originally bought my Hudson's Bay blanket with the intention of making a coat from it, but it ended up living on my bed for quite some time, largely because I couldn't find a pattern I liked.  (I'll admit, cutting the first piece was really hard)

It was such a beast to sew.  I'm not sure if you've felt one of those blankets, but they are thick, and sewing around that collar took everything my machine had (thank god I have such a nice sewing machine, there is no way in hell my old machine would have been able to sew this).  But now I have a crazy warm coat, and just in time for spring! I think I'll have a couple weeks of wear, at least.

Sorry for the graininess of the photos.  I took them at the brightest part of the day, but we are having some very grey weather.


  1. Can you please make me one?! You are unreal, girl.

  2. Thanks! Oh my god, I think if I tried to do that again, my machine would go on strike. But I used McCall's 6446, and it's an unlined, super easy pattern if you're ever in the market...with a thinner fabric, I hope!

  3. Hey! I love your cape! I would love to make one. Did you use one or two blankets? and what size were they?