October 14, 2013


 I've been slowly sewing up my New York fabric (I seriously cannot find linen in Canada like I can find linen in NY. And silk. And wool. And everything great), including this great-for-days-too-hot-for-clothes top.  Just in time for winter!

Anyways, I'm on a complete crafting hiatus right now as I've given myself tendinitis in my wrist from years of bass and knitting (I need a hobby that doesn't use the same fine motor skills!), so I'm blogging about all the stuff I made before! Any tips for tendinitis welcome....


  1. ugh, tendonitus is the WORST! i use a (very basic, donated-by-a-kind-soul) powerball gyroscope to help strengthen my arm muscles, and it really works...at least, it's lessened the pain greatly! (www.powerballs.com) :)

    as for the fabric, i'm having so much trouble sourcing any sort of linen and silk in ottawa, much less canada...it's driving me a bit crazy, because i want to know what quality i'm looking for before buying, so online is out of the question for now. :( maybe i'll come with you on your next trip to nyc? haha!

    either way, though, this is a lovely top! so i guess there's that? :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! I've been using an old foam stress ball, but this seems like a better option...I need to fix this! Swimming also seems to be helping.

      Oh man, go south! So many more options. I'm going back in the NY, we should try to meet up there!

    2. Im so glad to hear you're resting it! When I injured my wrist in was on full hand rest in a brace + physio for 6wks. It is *really* important to listen to any twinges in your wrists- I didn't for one day of persistence and stupidity (it did finish in taping my pen to my fingers trying to finish an assignment. I was thick) My physio had me do gentle stretching with my arms in right angles, forearm perpendicular to my body and my hand in a light fist as through holding a mug. Then I would slowly angle my hand downwards as much as I could. Similar stretches in other directions but never rotating my wrist were also good but as I had de Quirvains tendinitis in my thumb the 1st one was the main one. The physio also massaged the muscles in my forearm to stretch out the muscles that track down into the tendons of your wrist. He'd use one thumb to anchor the muscle and slide the other up the muscle away from my wrist. That could feel amazingly good!

      Also use ice in bursts of 10 mins when it hurts and consider an anti-inflamatory to prevent more damage from the swelling etc. The faster you let it all heal the better the long term recovery is. Try to be patient. You have my most intense sympathy - even if yours is mild it is so hard to not be able to do what you want to do!

    3. The tank top looks perfect for summer. I really like the shoulder seam detail - its a really nice subtle touch.

    4. This is such helpful advice! I'm being incredibly careful with it - I've seen Seb struggling with it getting better over the last three years and hoping if I'm good from the start it won't take as long. Thanks for the advice! I'm making Seb give me that massage next weekend for sure!