January 19, 2014

quilted hot pads

This is ridiculous pacing, but I'm finally putting up photos of the last Christmas presents I made.  I made a set of hot pads (useful? potentially not very) out of scrap fabrics from the last few seasons of my work, for my boss.  Each one is a different season, with a different pattern and vibe.  They were really fun to make, if a little annoying trying to sew together all different kinds of fabrics, and I think they're a nice way of commemorating all that season's work.


  1. Hi! I just saw the bonnet you made for Jenny Gordy's baby and wonder if you have a pattern for it that I could purchase? It is too cute, fall is coming, and I find my baby in need of a better-fitting hat. Thanks!

    1. I didn't make the bonnet! Super cute though, I'll let you know if I come across a link anywhere.

    2. Oh rats! Since you were in the post prior to the one with the bonnet doing some knitting, I assumed it was you. Now that I look again I see that it's Lisa rather than Lissa. Thanks anyway though!