November 22, 2011

birthday presents, 6 months late...

I'm finally finishing the mittens I was knitting for Seb for his birthday in July.  Once I decided to move out here, the importance of finishing them before he left really evaporated, and didn't come back until the temperatures dipped below freezing yesterday.

So thrummed mittens!  It is just normal knitting, ony you weave little pieces of raw carding into your stitches, so the insides are full of wool! (the one on the left is inside out)  Totally easy, if time consuming, and super warm.  I can't wait to see how the pack down in time.


  1. this is the first time i've heard of anyone called seb besides my son! it's our nickname for sebastian, but still! i did a double take when i read your post. beautiful beautiful mittens. : )

  2. funny, this is a Sebastien seb! I just ruin it to try and pronounce the French.

  3. Hi Lissa. Those mittens are so darling! I'd love to use this weave in technique for some knitted slippers. Is there a technical term for this? I couldn't find any information online :(

  4. ooo, that would make great slippers!

    it's called thrumming, and there is at least a little bit of information online. here's a link that I found helpful:

    good luck!