November 22, 2011

decorating for christmas

First on my Christmas decorating was this...banner?  I don't really know.  It's kind of strange.  I've had this little square of vintage fabric for years and never really known what to do with it.  Until I decided to sew felt letters onto it!

The quote is a Leonard Cohen song (appropriate, considering we live a block from "Marie-Anne"s namesake street).  I just wanted something with the word Hallelujuh to make it slightly more seasonal, and thought this particular verse is referring to sex, Satomi thought it was religious.  Either way, festive!

On a side note: Christmas shopping for boys.  (Seb, I don't think you read this, but if you do, STOP NOW)  I've decided to be realistic about my actually ability to handmake Christmas presents for everyone I love and just not do it.  Also, Seb only owns two sweaters.  So I'm buying him sweaters!  But I have no idea at. all. how to go about this.  Any suggestions of good places to start?  He's not quite as picky as I am about material content, or handmade, but I'd love to try.  But who makes boy clothes?!  Especially for very small boys (he already wears my tshirts).  Do you know of tried and true favourites?  Something that they've worn for ages and still look great?  I'd love any input!


  1. size x-small club monaco
    the bay
    oddly the thick sweater-type flannel shirts at bluenotes have fit my small boy

  2. my lovely boy likes topshop + all saints, but they can run on the expensive side depending on what you get. h+m makes casual stuff that's more fun, and it's not too crazy price-wise. there's my input! :) good luck...

  3. Aaahhh, but Leonard Cohen's song isn't JUST about sex. It's definitely got religious overtones, I think. I like your banner!

  4. I love the banner! So good, sexy Christmas time.

    I know it's kind of horrible but last time I popped into Urban Outfitters (didn't buy, just looked!) their guys sweaters were really nice. Thick and cozy feeling. I'm not sure if they'd be the same there? A good fisherman's sweater is always nice too.

  5. Thanks for all the help! I'll have to make a shopping trip soon.

    I actually picked up some awesome sweaters at the second hand store today. I think they will be great!

    andrea: sometimes I still think about those amazing tiny plaid swim shorts longingly...

  6. Hi, I really like you blog and also this banner! I love this song (not so much that they put it in every stupid movie, probably a lot of people like it :) and I think it´s a great idea for christmas decorating.

  7. (I was nerdily in a choir last year and we got to perform the song - I feel far less guilty about singing along nowdays. At least I know a part!)