November 12, 2011


One of the things I've been meaning to get up to is felted animals this fall, but that meant having to remember to bring the old sweaters when I go to the laundromat, apparently a tall order.

In a lazy day at home watching Chocolat (and eating a fair bit of it, too) I finally made a little camel!  I cut up all the extra scrap sweater to stuff him with.  I think the idea needs some tweaking, but he's pretty freaking cute and squishy in person.

ps. It's Satomi's first night off antibiotics, can you see the wine?


  1. He's so cute! You guys are even cuter.

    I want to make felted animals too! I saw some wiener dogs in Martha once that were pretty great.

  2. What a wonderful idea.
    I've never known what to do with accidently shrunken sweaters.

    This little fella is super cute!

  3. OOOO, we have a little mice problem in our apartment, and we were thinking about making those little rolls that go at the foot of your door to keep heat in, and using a felted wiener dog would be perfect!

    accidentally shrunk sweaters are the best! Mittens and hats and everything! The fun of knit things without all the time!

  4. i loooove that little dude. i hope you make more, so i can maybe buy one from you. so cute! :)