November 13, 2011

living on a budget

Shamu the camel, in daylight just for fun
So everyone in our apartment (that's 5 people, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom) is either unemployed or in grad school, which means we are mad cheap and broke.  We like free events, good sales on cheap food, bad beer, and ways of doing things that feel like a splurge without costing anything.  (we're going to TEDx today!)

So I make things!  My wardrobe is constantly growing!  (all of my fabric is either second hand or fabric I bought ages ago when I had money)

For a little Sunday morning treat Satomi and I decided to give ourself steam facials!  We boiled some water, put it into pots on the table, draped a towel over our heads and called it a day.  It felt great, even if the boys were laughing at us.  Best part: in our freezing house it actually warmed us up!

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