December 04, 2011

Satomi's birthday

hilarious blob, because what would a birthday be without a knit trinket

amazing 'Birthday greetings to a great guy!' wrapping paper

I'm way into the ceramic pen

birthday cards all the way from Vancouver!
 Today is Satomi's birthday, although we celebrated last night (Saturday/she works until almost midnight tonight).  We went dancing to 90s music, and Seb & I ate late night poutine.  It was all so fun!

We made Elaina's peanut butter cups (added butter - definintely a good call) since Satomi isn't a huge cake fan, and they are a huge hit.  I love them!

I also made her a yoga mat bag with this great pattern, should you ever need to make one.

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  1. Yay, happy birthday Satomi! So many good things! I'm glad you guys liked the peanut butter cups, more butter is always better. Just a bit jealous of 90's dancing and late night poutine. And I especially love that wrapping paper.