January 17, 2012


Sooo, I don't normally talk about food, because I don't normally pay that much attention to it.  I eat sort of pathetic meals, bake when I feel a sugar craving, and generally just don't care about it all that much.

But I'm a little over a week into a crazy food purge, and I'm spending all my time cooking, grocery shopping, looking for recipes, and I think y'all probably have some good suggestions.  As it happens, I have a dairy allergy and am hypoglycemic.  Which means for the next two MONTHS, I am not allowed to eat:

-sugar (of any form, including honey or maple syrup)(stevia is OK)
-dairy (duh.  my mom briefly tried to convince me that goat cheese was OK)
-alcohol (this is making parties significantly more awkward at the moment.  I feel like there should be some sort of hump, or I'm going to start filling beer bottles with water just so I have something to hold)
-caffeine (surprisingly, mornings aren't actually that much worse)
-juice of any kind
-dried or tropical fruit of any kind (that's the end of my banana days)
-I MUST have protein with every meal.  I've begun putting soya protein in my oatmeal (hint, add some unsweetened apple sauce to hide it a little)

You would think this would be horrible (especially if you know how many of those hazelnut lindt chocolate bars I go through...), but it's been sort of great.  I am never hungry, low on energy, light headed, and I never crave sugar.  I am cooking all the time, which means I'm eating waaaay healthier.

I had no idea how hard it was to avoid sugar!  I even had to replace my soy sauce - seriously, there is sugar in EVERYTHING.

In any case, does anyone have suggestions for good food (ok, I'll admit, specifically things that taste like chocolate) that I might be able to make?  I really love baking, but trying to find recipes I can eat is tricky.

(forgot to add photo credit! smitten kitchen's photo!  I made smitten kitchen's yam fries the other day to go along with our curry.  They were delicious, even if the combo was sort of weird)


  1. Hello!
    You've probably this blog already but it's the only one I've come across that specifies no sugar. And the photos are beautiful!


    It always amazes me how much a slight change (or in your case a pretty massive change)in your diet can effect your body and mind. There was a brilliant programe here in the UK called the Food Hospital where they got people with all sorts of different problems, things from skin problems to depression and gave them a food plan rather than medicine. In some cases they practically cured them!
    Anyway I'm rambling. Good luck with your new venture. I'm a big fan of your blog :D

  2. That does sound terrible! But equal parts really fantastic. The Green Cuisine cookbook is actually really good, simple and vegan. And Babycakes is amazing too, although the ingredients are a bit expensive. I was thinking of trying to eat like next month as a kind of cleanse, we'll see if I have the discipline.