February 12, 2012

This week was completely crazy busy, but I did feel pretty damn VIP.  It was Montreal fashion week, and Angie was kind enough to take me as her plus 1 to a slew of shows on Thursday.  I felt out of place, but it was fun!  I got photographed for some magazine (that will never get in - I had forgotten we were going and come to work without makeup or decent clothing (I was the only person there in silk tie dye, though!), met interesting people, and saw by far the coolest crocheting I've ever seen. 

Then the next night, I got a front and center seat to see Jim Cuddy! (I'm pretty sure only Canadians will have any idea who Blue Rodeo is....)  Turns out our extended couch surfer, James, is good friends with his daughter.  Anyways, great show put on by crazy talented musicians, even if we were the only people under 40.

Sorry for the terrible phone photos...I do still own a camera, I swear!

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  1. aaah i love blue rodeo! and jim cuddy, for that matter. every year they play a show around thanksgiving at the key to bala (in the muskokas) and i go with my aunt+uncle and mum, because we're all such fans. the key is pretty small, so you can get really close - so awesome! lucky you for having an 'in', though, haha! :) (and congrats on the photo - i really hope they print it, because your outfit sounds amazing!)