March 21, 2012


 Ways to make your birthday awesome:
1) come home the night before your birthday to a house full of wonderful people, including your best friend who flew in from Vancouver as a birthday surprise
2) go out to your favourite microbrewery and ring in your birthday with great beer
3) leave the boys, and have late night poutine and gossip with your girlfriends
4) skip school, wake up late and a little hungover
5) spend the morning lounging on the porch drinking tea with your friends
6) go for a morning walk to get more coffee and buy eggs
7) make a breakfast (your favourite meal of the day) with all your favourite breakfast foods (including a melon-free fruit salad)
8) walk up the mountain in the unseasonably warm weather, there will still be some snow, even though it's warmer than most summer days
9) go to work, hang out and draw pictures and sing birthday songs with a 4 year old
10) pick up a vegan, refined sugar free banana chocolate pie
11) drink beer on your friends' patio
12) change patios, drink wine and make dinner with your favourite people (arugula and fish pasta, grilled green veggies with bacon, lemon, and pine nuts)
13) get the best birthday presents & cards
14) eat delicious pie, knit, hang around the table until everyone is ready for bed
15) get into bed beside your favourite person

Seriously, I couldn't have imagined a better birthday in my head.  Thanks, everyone who made it so great.


  1. Happy Birthday, Lissa! Sounds wonderful. Love seeing all these fun pictures. You're so pretty. : )

  2. hooray!! happy belated birthday! :) i love having awesome birthdays, but they so rarely happen - i'm right before xmas, so things kind of get over-shadowed...i'm thinking i'll have to have a 1/2 bday party this summer, to make up for it! haha. anyway...i'm so glad the good weather held for you and you had a full day of awesome. :)

  3. A half birthday is the best idea! I grew up with a friend who had a birthday on new year's eve, it was so hard to stay focused on her birthday.