March 27, 2012


 Growing up, everyone in my family had allergies to animals and all to different animals.  We had one rabbit when I was very young, but lived a mostly pet free childhood.  I absolutely cannot imagine going back now.  As much as pets can be hard to manage when you move as often as I seem to (thank god for a wonderfully helpful mom), a home is just not the same without them.  So when a co-worker told me of a rabbit that needed a home, I jumped.

Now we have Omelet, the largest, most dog-like rabbit I've ever met.  Seriously, we live with bionic bunny.  He's giant, nosey, and can escape any form of cage we've attempted so far.  He can jump onto our kitchen table.  He follows you around begging for food when you cook.  He greets you at the front door.  He got stuck head first in our garbage can trying to eat food scraps.  And his pass times include eating newspaper, running laps around your legs, and hiding on the kitchen chairs tucked under the table.

I really love it.


  1. I used to have a turtle named Omelet! I feel like I need a pet in my life, and I keep seeing people's amazing pictures of rabbits. Maybe your post is one more sign from the universe that a bunny is the way to go.

  2. Definitely! Aside from the fact that he hates to be picked up, he's so curious and interactive, yet wonderfully low maintenance. Great apartment pet.

  3. Eee, hi Omelet! He looks so great! How exciting.