March 28, 2012


I finally got an immersion blender for my birthday, and I've been making all sorts of blended things (pestos, smoothies, soups, oh my!).  And I can chop onions in the attachment, which is amazing for someone who wears swim goggles to get through cutting one.

Word of learning: don't make carrot soup with multicolour carrots.  It will look like...nothing anyone wants to eat.


  1. I love my immersion blender! Never thought to chop onions in it. Genius. I hate chopping onions so much, they make me cry buckets too.

  2. They are terrible. Sophie took a picture of my when she was here - I wasn't even the one cutting the onions, just in the room, and my goggles were filling up with tears!

  3. Ha! Well, I had no idea carrots came in this many colors! Thanks for the advice. Won't be stewing all those up at once!