June 20, 2012

summer heat

Wow, so I didn't really expect it to be this dramatic.  Growing up on the west coast, it just doesn't really get very hot.  But, it's the middle of a heat wave, and I've spent my day in my bathing suit, still sweating like I'm trying to loose weight.  I hope I get used to this!

I'm leaving town for a couple of weeks tomorrow, and I was hoping to show the sewing I've been doing (crappy and heat-induced as some of it is), and I had hoped to do a bunch of dyeing this week, but then our plumbing was off limits for a week and a half, which meant I had to shower at the public pool, and definitely couldn't rinse any dyes.  SO, nothing exciting except that I figured out how to get the squirrels to stop attacking my plants and let them grow a little, by just putting the pots up on chairs.  Who knew squirrels were so lazy?

Anyways, hope y'all survive the heat better than I'm managing!

1 comment:

  1. Love that shot! Yes, the heat has been QUITE unbearable lately. It's 100 degrees today and yesterday in philly! My APT doesn't have AC yet, so right now I'm camping out at a nearby cafe :D