July 24, 2012

quebec city

 Seb and I spent a long weekend in Quebec City, visiting his family, being tourists, and going to see Pink Floyd perform The Wall on the Plains of Abraham.  It was a great trip: his family was awesome (and spoke slowly so I could understand their French!), the city is so beautiful, and the concert was like a giant picnic (Quebec has the best law where you can drink beer and wine in parks, as long as you have a little food to make it a picnic).

I think my favourite spot was along the boardwalk that stretches the river bank of the entire city.  It was so full of people out enjoying the weather, and there was this section where there were cold pools.  Kids were swimming, and adults were sitting and dunking their feet.  It was so hot out, the pool was a perfect antidote.

We also went to a free show one evening (there is a free Cirque de Soleil, but it doesn't show two nights a week, when we were there!), a huge projection movie against the sides of grain silos across the water.

If anyone is looking for vacation destinations, Quebec is lovely.  So much cleaner and cuter than Montreal! (I'm still glad I live in Montreal, I love how close everything awesome is, I love all the people, I love the grungy energy)


  1. i've always wanted to go to quebec city! apparently it's the most beautiful + european-style city in canada? lucky you to have gone and had a family to stay + hang out with...though too bad no cirque du soleil show for free, but i'm sure next time you'll factor those days into your visit, haha. ;)

    1. It is so beautiful, and definitely old and European feeling. It's actually the only place in the whole world other than our home town either of us has family, so we were definitely lucky!