August 08, 2012

old view/new view

Lately, between Seb's birthday, friends from out of town, and suddenly MOVING, things have been crazy.  We spent all of our 40 degree weekend hauling suitcase loads and boxes down the street to our new digs, but I think the work has been worth it.  I'll miss our little courtyard, and especially living with Satomi, but I guess we have to grow up sometime.  Also: washer and dryer! roof access! front and back balconies! a full size stove that doesn't electrocute you! real kitchen cupboards! neighbours that don't have parties until dawn! non-folding kitchen chairs! a piano! a closet!
The only things that could make this move more adult: if we didn't move epically hungover, if we didn't move entirely by hand (and foot), if we actually owned the furniture and weren't just subletting from someone awesome...


  1. congrats on the move!! that sucks you had to do it in such awful weather...i hate moving when it's warm outside...! you guys are lucky ducks to get the place you got (washer + dryer AND front + back balconies?!). how long are you there until?

    1. I'm pretty excited! We're there for a year, which isn't so bad. I can't imagine moving all our stuff again before that!