October 27, 2012

clothes trades

 Hey folks!  A couple of you expressed interest in doing trades for clothes I've made in the past, and I think that is an awesome idea.  Pictured above are tops and dresses that for one reason or another I just haven't gotten any use of and would like to go to a better home. (Mostly, they are too small and I'm too lazy to fix them)

Below are measurements, so you can see if they'd fit.  They are all approximately 'smalls', but to varying degrees.  Measurements are of the garments taken flat.  If you send me an email, I can tell you all the scary details (like the fact that the blue button up has pink serger thread inside....I never planned for anyone but me to see the inside!) and we can sort out a barter, if you'd like!

a. chest: 15"/ waist 11 3/4"/ hips 17 1/2"
b. chest 17"/ waist 16"/ hips 19"
c. chest 20"/ hips 22"/ bicep 6 1/2"
d. chest 16 1/2"/ waist 13"/ shoulder to waist 16 1/4"
e. chest 18 1/2"/ hips 21"/ bicep 5 1/2"
f. chest 19"/ hips 19"/ arm hole 5 3/4"

I'm not sure if this will work, but email me at lissapaul (at) gmail dot com if you'd like to chat!


  1. These look so nice together! But there is no way any of them would fit me. You may bring the football shoulders, but I bring the barrel chest.

  2. Sheesh, I wish I live nearby cause I have some nearly-new and new clothes to trade. Sadly I live in Italy. Good for you girl, trading/exchanging clothes is a very green and responsible thing one can do. Brava. :)

  3. If only I was your teeeny size! Perhaps we will do another trade of sorts in the upcoming months, as it's always fun to get something in the mailbox!

  4. lissa! i want to do this! i just need to inventory my wardrobe first!! :)