December 10, 2012

christmas gifts and crafts

 As much as I love Christmas, I'm also not one to kill myself over it.  I love to give gifts, but sometimes they just don't happen.  This year I decided to make a few little things, personalised for each family member, but something that I could make a few of in one go.  So I made monogrammed totes from leftover vintage fabric, and rice hotpacks using some leftover linen and using Sashiko embroidery to try and fancy things up a bit.

The only gifts I've bought this year I'll share here, because they are both from local companies that I would love to support further.  The first is that amazing maple syrup jug.  She makes the most beautiful ceramics, and was charming in person! 

I'm a sucker for both tea, and anything that smells like a forest.  This tea is made from fir tree shoots and black elder berries.  It tastes AMAZING and is apparently full of vitamins.  There is a reasonable chance I'll actually just drink it all myself.

I should add that I'm also gifting a sweater that I've only just started knitting...hope it's done in time!

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  1. This all looks wonderful! And the tea sounds amazing. Happy Christmas crafting!