June 05, 2013

making a home

 I'm one of those people that nests like crazy - that put up decorations at summer camp.  I hadn't really done much of that in Montreal - seeing as we were moving yearly and the move was temporary. 

But now that I know I have another two years here (at least), I'm starting to fill the place with the little things I find comforting - the ceramics, textiles and photographs.  It feels really good.


  1. i'm totally there with you! i love filling the walls with art + the bookshelves with books + the kitchen with crockery. it makes me feel comfortable, and stable. and i know i already mentioned it on IG, but dear lord am i ever jealous of those christian chaise prints. (...maybe for my next housewarming gift to myself?) <3!

  2. Also jealous of that print! Anyway it all looks like fun. Our place can still be described as "minimalist". But I've long trained myself to refrain from nesting. Sad!

  3. I love those textiles, and I can't wait till I have my own place to nest properly.