June 05, 2013

sister visit

 A while ago my little sister came to town for a visit.  I dragged her to work, cleaning our new apartment, and other terrible things, but between those we hung out and relaxed, acted like tourists, played lots of petanque in the park, and treated ourselves to at-home facials (care of the drug store and bowls of hot water with towels over our heads!)

It was so awesome and rare now that we get to spend time together.  Normally when I see her now there are a million people to see and many relatives to compete with for attention (read: Christmas).  She's turning into such a charming and competant woman, I'm so proud of her!

Here's a photo of our faces, from her phone:
ps. I finally broke down and bought a linen towel from Fog Linen - couldn't be happier about it.  Never going back to terry!

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