February 07, 2012

day out

On what turned out to be quite a lengthy afternoon, Seb and I went for massages & fish pedicures.  Those are so weird!  You stick your feet into a tank of water, and they just start chomping away at your feet, eating the dead skin.  It feels totally bizarre and both of us were a little freaked out at times - especially when they go after your arches.

Finished off the evening with a long walk home (past the most bizarre bridal stores!), and dinner at a delicious vegan restaurant that I could actually eat everything at (except the desserts.  I'll have to go back for those soon...).

All in all, a very nice day to spend together before midterm craziness starts, and I'm finally feeling well enough to enjoy it.


  1. why have I never heard of weird flesh-eating fish pedicures before? Are they only in CA?

    1. I think these pedicures are only allowed in Quebec, due to health codes. They started in Asia, apparently. They are soooooo weird! (but did make my feet surprisingly soft)