May 28, 2012

bike prom

This weekend was Victoria's somewhat annual bike prom.  Andrea and I did what we do together best (aside from snacking) and dressed up in full bike prom costume.  This dress is a vintage dress I actually bought for my real prom, before deciding to wear one my mom made, I'm glad I finally got a chance to wear it!  I decorated my helmet with flours from our yard, Andrea wore Tucker's reflective dog collar to match her reflective/80's theme.  A goofy night of dancing and reenacting our awkward past (a little more beer this time 'round).  I'm so glad to hang out with you, Andrea!



  2. wicked! i guess it was sorta like fake prom is here? :) my prom outfit cost me $30 - $10 each for shoes, dress, and hair dye. i was goth, too, so it was pretty crazy. ah, memories.

    1. oi, I know, prom is so cring-worthy! It's totally like fake prom, only there is a bike parade leading to it, and there is a definitely bicycle theme (last time they had a photo booth where you could pose with your date on a bicycle)