May 31, 2012

last morning

I'm back in Montreal and already back in the swing of things.  Everything became so beautiful and lush while I was away!  My plants have sprouted!

I had a lovely last morning, green tea in my favourite mug, my favourite french toast in the whole world, and a very grey, rainy flight out.  That island in the last shot?  That's where my cabin is!  Over on the last cove on the right hand side.  These tiny islands hold such a big piece of my heart.

PS. I finally finished this sweater for my mom, and didn't even have a chance to block it before she was wearing it to work.  And then forgot to take a picture until she was heading off to work early in the morning before I left and teary from saying goodbye.  Anyways, I finished it!  She and the sweater normally look better!

1 comment:

  1. aw, so sweet that you mom wanted to wear the sweater asap!