June 13, 2012

summer tiiiime

Oh MAN did I not mean to post nothing for so long.  Between working far more than expected, getting sick from babysitting a sick-o, and trying to enjoy all the sun, festivals, and short overlap time Seb and I had in town, there just wasn`t that much going on.  (I have started to do some natural dyeing, which I plan on sharing when I finally finish a bit)

This morning before Seb flew back to BC, we went on a long walk to get cheese curds for his family, where you can also buy A CONE OF CHEESE CURDS, covered in fresh pesto, of course.  This is so very weird to me, but one more endearing eccentricity that I`m learning about this place. 

ps. It got up to 37 C on Monday and I just about died!  I have no idea what I'm going to do this summer!


  1. man those curds look good. and pesto! what a great idea! dang. this may lead my cheese-related recipes in a whole new direction! haha.

    can't wait to see your results from the natural dyeing...i've been wanting to do some of that myself, but i'll wait until you've shown your work! hopefully i'll know at that point if it's for me...

    1. The pesto was soooooo good (I may have snuck a couple bites...)

      Oi, the dyeing is being more difficult than I thought. I'm totally impatient, and refuse to make the trip to a bookstore to get any actual source, and internet information doesn't seem to be that great when it really comes down to detail. I'll most definitely share as I go, because I'm so curious!