May 21, 2012

west coast food

There is a lot of food I miss from the west coast when I'm away, namely sushi and tacos and sea food.  In the two days I've been home I've eaten: fish tacos, more fish tacos, salmon sushi, more tacos, and a lot of great beer.  Yesterday my sister and I took sushi to dallas road.  It's one of my favourite welcome home activities - to eat great food, watch the boats, the kites, the dogs.  (that's the US in across the water, by the way)
 Also, can you see the adorable stamping my grandpa put on the back of Tucker's registration tag?  It just melts my heart!

1 comment:

  1. Sushi at Dallas Road pretty much defines home. I usually head down there first thing in the morning after I fly in, and take a long walk with a chai and a Bubby's stuffed croissant. Nothing better.

    And Tucker's tag? So cute. Your life is looking pretty wonderful lately, lady!